Monday, November 10, 2008

The first proof

The first step in many bread recipes is proofing the yeast, checking to make sure that what you have really works. So this is my proofing post, the first try the one that makes sure that this blog is up and running. The real proof will be in the weeks and months as together with students at the University of Chicago I share musings on food, Judaism and adventures in eating in Chicagoland. We are starting up an eating club with the goal of creating meaningful conversations and culinary exploits.

Of course no discussion of food and Judaism can skirt the critical exploration of gender. My academic interest in food, its meaning and import in our lives emerged out of my desire to understand the way in which women have shaped Judaism. Gender is a critical category for our thinking not only about food but for all aspects of life. I expect that I will have what to say on this topic as well.

So check back regularly and see how our the blog develops as it gets more fully baked.

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