Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Drink of the Macabees

The people at Jones Cola have a real sense of humor. They put pictures of regular people on all their bottles and are quite adventurous with their flavors. Still this one takes the cake, or the oil in this case.

I had to laugh when I saw this in the store the other day. Reprising the success of last year's Hannuka flavors, the company has put out this special edition Hannukah four pack. The packaging is ingenious appeal both to the kosher and the kitch clientele. There is everything you need to gather three friends and start the Hannukah celebrations, a cut out menorah, a cut out dreidle and a paper yarmulke so you can "Party Your Yarmulke Off." There is a promise of a real dreidle inside. To gage from the box I took home as compared to that found on their website, there are different Hannukah themed photos on the bottle, kitchy menorahs anyone?

But the best part of all are the flavors, Chocolate Coins, Jelly Donut, Applesauce and Latke!

I'm waiting until Hannukah to dip into these refreshments so I can't comment on the taste (I'll admit I'm a bit skeptical) but either way I'm going to pick up a few as hostess gifts!

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